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Wood/Composite Pickleball Paddles 

Made To Order

Our Paddles are made in small batches to ensure a high quality product. We combine traditional wood working methods with 21st century manufacturing techniques to create a paddle that sets itself apart from anything else on the market. 


Reduce Waste

At Shipwright Paddles, we respect wood. We work in small batches so we can maintain a high material yield, and waste as little of that precious resource as possible. 


Quality Control

We make our paddles in limited runs so we can control each stage of the manufacturing process. We want to ensure each paddle is up to our standard of excellence before you hit the court with it in hand. 



Each Shipwright Paddle has a unique origin and offers a connection to those who made it in a way that other paddles simply cannot replicate. In choosing our paddles, you are a part of our story.  

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